Why You Lost a Filling

There is usually a reason as to why you lost a filling or it comes loose and the two most common reasons we see are decay or by chipping your teeth: 



Normally, when a filling is lost, our dentists at Szmanda Dental asses the situation to find out if the reason is due to decay as generally that is the culprit.  When fillings were placed in your mouth years ago, there is a chance for bacteria to accumulate around those fillings and cause decay at the edges. This is called microleakage and it’s a slow process due to the fact that these particular bacteria aren’t fed very well.  You have to picture that once your enamel has been compromised by decay to start with and a filling is placed, that seal will never be as strong as the enamel once was. Fillings can last years, it depends on how well you take care of your teeth, but there may be a need to replace them eventually.


Request an AppointmentBad Luck Biting

Fillings on the edges of front teeth can pop off if you bite on it just right.  If you have chipped your enamel, which is one of the hardest natural materials, you can certainly chip off filling material.  We do our best to adhere fillings onto front teeth with one of the top bonding agents we know of, but they can come off.  If you do have a filling placed on the incisal edge of your front tooth, just be aware of it and make sure you aren’t tearing beef jerky with it or biting fishing line, etc.

If you are having pain, we will be able to make an appointment for you the same day at Szmanda Dental Center. If you aren’t in pain it may not be an emergency, but if the filling fell out in the first place due to decay, you should probably make an appointment to get it taken care of before it causes a more pertinent issue.

photo credit: Lorenia via photopin cc