Why is my Dentist Referring Me to a Specialist?

Sometimes your dentist will refer you to have treatment completed and leave you questioning why exactly is my dentist referring me to a specialist? Well, a lot of patients are uncomfortable with having another Dr. work on their teeth that aren’t their regular dentist they know and have a rapport with. This is understandable, but there are reasons for referring certain procedures to a specialist.


Dentists sometimes prefer to send their patients to a specialist for things like oral surgery, periodontal concerns and root canals. Dentists can be super busy with doing general dentistry and they prefer to let the specialists handle things that they themselves don’t do on a daily basis.

Another reason for referrals is that the dentist may find the treatment to be too difficult or beyond their expertise, or they may not have the right equipment to handle a harder case.  This happens a lot in the case of oral surgery — especially wisdom teeth.  Oral surgeons are specialized to deal with all sorts of situations when removing teeth and it can be difficult, so it’s sometimes best to let them provide treatment.

This can also happen with root canals. Roots of teeth can be very tiny and hard to get into or they could be curved which can make it really difficult to treat. This is why we have fabulous endodontists that specialize in root canals and have just the right instruments for any situation.

Don’t be too concerned if your general dentist feels it’s better for you to see a specialist.  They are looking out for your well-being and putting you in the hands of a trusted colleague that can treat your needs.  Specialists are highly trained individuals that are very adept at handling your particular situation.  Know that your dentist has a relationship with those that you are referred to, so feel confident that he/she knows what is best for your individual treatment and a referral is nothing to be scared or worried about. It just means your dentist is vested in the very best for your dental health.

Information compiled from staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2014

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