What is That Weird Feeling in my Jaw After I Eat?

Ever ask yourself, “Why does this lemon drop give me a weird feeling in my jaw?”  

Weird-Feeling-in-my-jawDo you ever experience that crazy tingling in the back of your jaw after you eat something sweet or sour?  What is that anyway?

Well, we talked to Dr. Szmanda about it and he filled us in. Apparently we have salivary glands near that curved area of our jaw close to our ears.  When our mouths are on sensory overload from something super sweet or tangy, we start to salivate at a rate that we can’t disperse fast enough through the salivary glands into our mouths. This causes those glands to stress out a little and creates that weird feeling.

There you have it……it’s nothing to freak out about, just one of those things that causes a reaction in your body.  Now, next time it happens to you, you’ll know exactly what’s going on and can share it with your friends so you can feel super smart…..

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