Is a Trip to the Dentist Painful?

indexLet’s face it, going to the dentist typically rates a “nuh-uh” on people’s fun-o-meter. Not to mention the apprehension you have before you even get to the office which doubles while you are sitting in the waiting room reading a magazine playing it cool. Where does this fear come from and do we automatically assume that a dental appointment is going to be painful?

Obviously when some of us older folk went to the dentist as kids, it was quite a traumatic experience as compared to what it is now. No anesthetic or not enough, having the dentist yell at you to be quiet while he’s drilling into your un-numb tooth, watching the smoke come from the drill……we could go on and on. As you can imagine, that could put some fear into the hearts of people, even though they know it’s not like that anymore. One bad experience can create a lifetime of fear.


Today’s dentistry is so much better than it used to be for those who are afraid of treatment and the pain associated with it. Having dental treatment done can be a totally pain-free experience. Everyone’s pain tolerance can be different, so what one patient feels won’t be the same as the next. It may even be different from tooth to tooth on the same patient. A lot of times, it’s built up in your head due to anxiety so you may feel jumpy even though it isn’t hurting. Do your best to relax. Once you are numb, you should not feel any pain at all. If you do after the anesthetic is administered, simply let your dentist know that you are still aware of pain and you will be given more anesthetic or may just have to wait a little bit longer for it to kick in. As mentioned before, everyone is different with how they feel pain and they can be different in how their system accepts anesthetics also.

If you are aware that you have had difficulty being numbed before, let the dentist know so that either more anesthetic can be administered right away or there is more time for you to let it infiltrate your system before treatment is started.

Try not to go into your dental appointment thinking that you are going to be experiencing pain. There are steps that are taken to avoid this at your appointment. At Szmanda Dental Center, we do our absolute best to help make your visit with us as pleasant as possible. Make sure to let our staff know if you have apprehension so if there is extra explanation needed as to what is going to happen during the visit, or if you don’t want to know anything specific, we can cater to your needs.

Now please excuse me while I go sweat it out at the chiropractor (see, we all have our issues).

Information compiled by staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2014