Top 6 Reasons Your Teeth Stain

Did you know that certain things you eat and drink can cause your teeth to stain?  Take note next time red wine is spilled on your carpet or tablecloth.  It can have the same effect on your teeth.  Here are the Top 6 Reasons Your Teeth Stain:

  1. Coffee and Tea.  A lot of us like to drink both, unfortunately, both can stain your teeth and tea can actually stain worse than coffee can, especially the dark teas.

  2. Sauces.  That’s a one a good a meataballa!!  How do you like your spaghetti?  Most likely you enjoy those noodles with some sort of tomato sauce.  Dark colored sauces (including soy sauce if you are having Chinese instead of Italian this evening) have the potential of staining your teeth.


  3. Wine. If you enjoy a good glass of wine, beware!  Wines are very acidic, even white wines, which can lead to staining of the teeth.

  4. Soda.  It is also highly acidic and can eat away enamel, which allows for particles from food and other drinks to stick and stain.


  5. Berries.  Ahhhhhhh……….. summer is the season for berry pickin’!  Berries are also acidic and can stick to the enamel of the teeth.  So, after your bowl of strawberries or slice (or two) of raspberry pie, try to brush those chompers as soon as you can.

  6. Extrinsic staining.  HUH?  Well, not all stain comes from food or drink, which is extrinsic staining.  As we age, our teeth naturally become more yellow due to our enamel thinning.  Teeth take a beating over the years and our enamel wears down.  This allows the inner layer of our teeth to show through.  That layer is called dentin and is yellow in color.  This is what would be called intrinsic staining since it comes from within.  Other than age, our diet can play a role in the appearance of yellow or stained teeth.

The important thing to remember is that foods that are highly acidic can damage and stain your teeth or allow for other foods to stain your teeth.  The best thing to do after you have any of those goodies is to try to brush and floss or at least rinse with water if those things aren’t readily available to you.

Exercising is great and good job if you do it!  In regards to your teeth, the best thing to replenish your body during and after exercise is water.  Sports drinks are highly acidic which leads to eroding of tooth enamel, which then leads to staining.

Also, keep up with your regular cleanings with the hygienists at Szmanda Dental Center so they can polish those stains away.  And, please ask them about our teeth whitening options if you would like pearlier whites!

Information compiled from WebMD and Staff at Szmanda Dental Center© Szmanda Dental Center, S.C. 2013