To Kiss or Not to Kiss Your Pooch

If you are like me and love your puppies to pieces, you probably have shared kisses with them.  Is it safe to be swapping spit with your dog or should you not kiss your pooch?


There is a myth floating around that dogs mouths are cleaner than humans mouths. That is obviously not true. Think about what your dog plants his/her face into outside or eats when you aren’t looking, or the lovely butt sniffing greeting given to the neighbor’s dog.  Man and man’s best friend both have lots of germs and bacteria in their mouths.  There are so many that it’s equal to the earth’s population.  Yuck!  A lot of the bacteria cross over as far as similarities but we each have our own too.  See also:  Brush Your Pets Teeth.

If you are wondering if you can get sick from kissing your pup, well in general, not really.  We can’t share viruses with each other, but if your dog gets into something outside and gets parasites, those could potentially transfer to you.

Pooch-KissesIf you are a healthy person and your dog is protected from parasites by some sort of a monthly medication like Heartgard® (Heartgard is relatively inexpensive and there’s always a rebate!), you are pretty much safe to shower each other with your affections.  You can fight off lots of germs naturally, so feel free to smooch your pooch.

If you have a weakened immune system, your dog isn’t protected with a monthly preventative, and he likes to roll in things or get into stuff outside, you are probably better off not getting licks.

Either way, it’s up to you.  Love your dog one way or another but just be sure to love.

P.S. Children that grow up in homes with pets are less likely to have allergies…..


Information compiled from WebMD and staff at Szmanda Dental 2014

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