Sharing the Smiles in Wittenberg!

Attitude of Gratitude — What does that mean to you?

At Szmanda Dental feel we are so fortunate to live and work in the communities that we do!  We have amazing patients and awesome communities that we are part of.  It’s important our patients know how much we appreciate them — so we decided to show it by sharing the smiles!  Last year we focused on giving back to some of our most loyal patients with the Patient of the Month.  Giving custom gifts we knew each patient would truly enjoy.


This year we have started to Share the Smiles where we focus on surrounding businesses.  We recently visited the communities of Wittenberg, Tigerton and Birnamwood.   To thank the School District employees and random area businesses, our very own Kristi and Heather tackled the cold temperatures and hand delivered fresh goodies.  The best part is that making surprise visits with even small tokens of appreciation not only made the recipients happy, but also left us feeling more appreciative for the other hard-working people of our communities!  We visited the following businesses:

So as we travel farther into 2015 maybe think about what you can do for others with even a small token of paying it forward
— hold a door for someone, let someone ahead of you in a line, pay for someone’s coffee or something bigger and better? Be grateful for what you have and adopt an Attitude of Gratitude because when you give smiles you get smiles and the feeling is amazing!