Sleep Dentistry, What is it?

“Sleep dentistry” is for those of us who experience high anxiety at the dental office.  It is administered in a pill form and it can affect people differently depending on your size and how your system works.  You also have to be careful with it if you are on certain medications or have other health problems, so if you are thinking of trying sleep dentistry, be sure to mention any medical problems and make sure the doctor is aware of all of your medications to avoid any adverse reactions.  There are different forms of the “sleep” medication that is given to you at the dental office so it is important that the dentist know all medical information about you to coordinate what medicine is best for you.

Sleep-DentistrySleep dentistry is considered conscious sedation.  Patients are less aware of what is happening but are still awake and able to respond.   It makes the patient more comfortable and relaxed.  It can also help with a strong gag reflex and more treatment can be completed due to patient cooperation.  This is not to be confused with being under general anesthesia in which you are completely out, thusly called unconscious sedation.

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