Guide to Fluoride: Why You Need it

A lot of us grew up in a time when fluoride was not a big deal and because of this, a lot of us have had cavities as kids.  Nowadays, it’s pretty much the standard for fluoride to be in our city water, foods and toothpastes, and at the dental office so we can get needed exposure to it for healthier teeth.

Does everyone need fluoride?  Fluoride helps our teeth become stronger and more resistant to plaque. Plaque forms on our teeth pretty much at all times and it is made up of acid which eats away or erodes minerals in our tooth enamel causing cavities.  If we aren’t getting enough fluoride and other helpful minerals through the food we eat or water we drink, erosion happens faster than your enamel can restore itself.

Fluoride is extremely important for children and their developing teeth. Continue Reading…