The Positivity that Dentists Can Bring to Our Wildlife Friends

Cecil-The-LionYou had to be living under a rock to have not heard about the Cecil the Lion tragedy in the previous weeks or the backlash the dentist who shot him received.  With it coming back in the news as the dentist returns to work, we wanted to take a new spin and talk about the positivity that dentists can bring to our wildlife friends instead!  At Szmanda Dental Center, we are HUGE animal lovers.  We have done multiple donations and collaborations with The Humane Society of Marathon County.  In addition to loving our four-legged friends, we have love for our feathered friends as well!  We heard of an amazing story we had to share!  Dentists have actually assisted to reconstruct beaks on bald eagles to help them survive in the wildlife. How neat is that? Continue Reading…

Welcome Dr. Kim Kutzler to Our Team

We are excited to welcome Dr. Kim Kutzler to the Szmanda Dental family.

Dr. Kim Kutzler at Szmanda DentalWe are grateful Kim and her husband Sam have decided to move back to the Central Wisconsin community.  Dr. Kutzler attended dental school at Marquette University School of Dentistry, graduating with magna cum laude honors. While in school, she began volunteering with Special Olympics of Wisconsin, and continues to do so every year. She really enjoys volunteering around the state and in her community right here in Central Wisconsin! Continue Reading…

What Makes a Great Dentist – The 4 Top Qualities

You make decisions every day. From the simple, what clothes to wear, what to make for dinner, all the way to life decisions that effect the rest of your life. We’d like to think choosing your dentist falls into an important category! Taking your health seriously is something we take serious *insert serious face here*. We’ve already helped you determine The 7 Tips When Choosing Dentist – which will help give you the tools to find the best fit for YOU. But what exactly makes a GREAT dentist? Sure location and insurance can help steer your initial decision, but having a great dentist isn’t as common as you’d think. We have asked around and think these 4 qualities.


1. Listens To the Patient

This is #1 for a reason. Every patient’s mouth is unique and every issue and case within it is different. A great dentist will take the time to hear your concerns, read your chart carefully and strategize the best treatment for you.

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Why Does Dental Work Cost So Much?

So we get asked this all the time and I’m sure at one time or the other YOU have wondered yourself – “Why does dental work cost so much?”.  Sadly, this is not a simple question we can answer quickly, but we think if you hear us out you will better understand why the price tags aren’t “cheap” and even ways you can help reduce your cost.

First off,3009783b57ce53d7a264d7aa783cc459 let’s break down the word ‘DENTIST’.  You are paying for a service from an expert in the field: a Doctor, an Engineer and an Artist in their craft.  Someone who went to extensive schooling to know all about your mouth.  According to the American Dental Education Association, the average dental student graduates with upwards of $241,000 of student loan debt!  And in many cases, such as this, when choosing your dentist you get what you pay for.

It costs A LOT to run a dental practice. A large portion, if not most, of what a patient pays goes toward the expense of running a modern dental practice. Dentists pay for rent or mortgage payments on their office space (we have multiple locations) payroll for staff, health insurance, taxes, supplies, equipment, business insurance, marketing, not to mention trying to grow the practice.

Everything is hand-made.  If you think about the work you get done to your mouth – crowns, fillings, dentures, braces, implants etc.  They are all hand-made and custom to each patient.  This kind of attention to detail and unique work requires more time.  And time is money. Continue Reading…

Need a Tooth Pulled? Go See Your Barber.

barberThe practice of dentistry can be a very tricky thing. There’s a lot of different procedures that dentists offer and are well educated to perform them. Dentists have the initials D.D.S. behind their name for a good reason (Doctor of Dental Surgery). It’s serious business.

Back in the day, there wasn’t anyone specified as a dentist, so, other people took it upon themselves to offer their services. This included barbers, blacksmiths and monks (as they had a higher education).

Because of this, there were numerous injuries and deaths from abscesses and infections from improper sterilization. When anesthetic was used, it was used improperly causing the patient to die.

Not until the 1800’s was there a protocol for receiving an education to perform dentistry in the United States. Even though regulation was put forth, there were still those who practiced “street” dentistry and flourished doing it. Even now, there are still those that are performing dentistry without an education or license.

Dentistry is an important part of our lives especially now with all of the terrible things we eat with sugars that cause our chompers to decay. Be glad that there’s educated dentists available that offer a clean, sterilized comfortable environment for you to have treatment completed.

If you are in need of dental work or just a cleaning, don’t hesitate to call Szmanda Dental Center and make an appointment. We promise to take good care of you at any of our 5 locations in Edgar, Marathon, Wausau (2 offices) and Wittenberg.

Information compiled from Wikipedia and staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2015

You’re Not a Doctor, You’re a Dentist…

This seems to be a common joke on TV shows and in the movies. If you’ve seen The Hangover, you know what I’m talking about. The truth is — being a dentist is a tough gig. It’s stressful, it can be difficult, and you have no control over your time as you are being pulled every which way all at once. Dentists not only have to run their business at a managerial standpoint and keep on top of everything which can prove to be a challenge, but also have to complete treatment on patients, give hygiene exams, take calls, give consultations, give advice to other doctors, etc., all at the same time. Phew!

8d5bddf0c5c7adf3efad455ac34d66e8To become a dentist, you have to first complete a 4-year college degree, preferably with a science emphasis. You don’t have to have a science background, but you do have to complete the pre-requisites for dental school, which include science courses.

Then, there is the task of actually getting accepted into dental school. This can be very tough. At some point prior to applying to dental school, you will need to take the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). This test is to analyze your comprehension of natural science, perception, reading and reasoning. All dental schools in the US require students to take this test prior to applying.

Of course, Admissions is not only going to be looking for a respectable GPA throughout your educational career, a high score on the DAT, and job shadowing of other dentists, but they also look for other qualities in each student, which is why you need to have an interview. The interview goes over things like self-confidence, drive to help others, and the ability to work independently.

Once you are in dental school, it’s going to be one heck of a ride for the next 4 years, but well worth the time. Usually people know from early on if they want to be a dentist, so being able to focus their energy on learning actual dentistry is an exciting time.

And then comes the time for another test: The National Dental Board Examination. It takes about 3 days to complete each section (YIKES!).

Once dentists get to actually practice within an office setting outside of schooling, it is quite a feeling of accomplishment and pride that they are able to help others. This is what they have been focusing on for so long and to be able to care for the well being of patients, that is what their hard work has all been for.

If you feel you may want to be a dentist or have any questions about it, please feel free to talk to any of the dentists at Szmanda Dental Center. We have had many aspiring dentists come through our office to shadow the doctors and we love to help in any way we can. You can read more about each of our Dentists:

Information compiled from the ADA and staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2015