How to Get Your Child to Stop Sucking Their Thumb

Are you and your child having thumb wars?  “1,2,3,4  I declare thumb-sucking no mo!!”
If you were anything like me when I was a child, thumb sucking has literally sucked years out of your life!  If it is now happening to your child — we are here to help you get your child to stop sucking their thumb!  Stop-Children_Sucking-Their-Thumbs

WHY do children suck their thumbs or fingers?

Well because it’s soothing when they’re bored, tired or anxious.  It is important to know when your child’s habit has crossed the line of a comforting pastime to becoming a potential problem.  Prolonged finger and thumb sucking can cause minor physical problems like chapped skin, calluses, teeth alignment issues and fingernail infections. Continue Reading…