Why Does My Nose Itch at the Dentist?

Do you ever ask yourself: Why does my nose itch at the dentist? or Why do I need to swallow so much while I’m getting my teeth cleaned?  Believe us — you’re not alone!


For some reason, patients get that itchy nose syndrome when they are in the dental chair. We think it’s mainly a psychological thing because when you aren’t able to do something, your brain wants to do it even more. There is also a lot of movement happening near your nose too, so that could give you the itchy scratchies. Don’t feel that you can’t itch your nose while you are having dental treatment done. As long as the drill isn’t going, feel free.

Same with needing to swallow. You do it involuntarily most of the time and when you are put in a situation where you can’t, obviously you notice it more and may start to freak out. If you need a moment to get a swallow in, let the dentist or hygienist know just by raising your hand so they know to pull any instruments out of your mouth. You can also get a quick swallow in while your teeth are being worked on without having to close your mouth. The only time we don’t recommend taking a swallow while having treatment done in the dental office is when there is drilling going on or if there were a lot of pieces of filling being removed that are now floating in your mouth. Let the suction remove that for you before you swallow.

A lot of us have some sort of quirky things happen while we are at the dentist or doctor’s office. I used to get a case of the burps before my dental appointments…..It boils down to nerves and our brains playing tricks on us. Just relax and let the appointment flow. It all works out.

Written by staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2014