Missing a Tooth? How a Bridge Could Be The Answer!

Are you missing a tooth that you would like to have replaced? Sometimes people get along just fine with a missing tooth but it can be very bothersome to others. It really depends on where it is in the mouth and how much you use it.

Dental-Bridges-Missing-TeethA missing tooth can easily be replaced with something called a bridge. A bridge is similar to a crown where it encases both teeth surrounding the missing tooth with a crown or “cap” as some call it.  Those crowns are then attached with a false tooth in-between them thusly “bridging” the gap. The bridge is permanently cemented to your teeth.

Bridges can replace more than just one missing tooth in a row, usually up to two, but you don’t want them replacing more than that due to strength issues and excess pressure that would be placed on the teeth on either side of the space (abutment teeth).

If you have numerous missing teeth, a bridge probably isn’t your best option. More than likely, you would probably then need something called a partial denture assuming that your remaining teeth are healthy enough to support a partial.

Bridges are great, especially if the teeth on either side of the space already have larger fillings and would eventually need to be crowned anyway. A bridge takes care of the teeth around the space and the missing tooth permanently.

If those teeth don’t have fillings (virgin teeth) it makes the decision a little tougher.  You may want to go with a dental implant (See also: Dental Implants: What to Expect blog) at that point to deal just with the missing tooth and not have to do anything with other teeth.

No matter what your situation, replacing missing teeth is costly, so a lot of thought should go into your decision.  Feel free to talk to your dentist about your options and what would be best for you.

Information compiled from staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2014