Is your Brush Where you Flush? What you NEED to know!

So, you may not think anything of it, but, try to picture your toilet as an aerosol spray every time you flush it and anything within reasonable distance is getting sprayed with germs from your toilet bowl including your toothbrush. Y-U-C-K! It may help to keep the lid closed, however germs still escape somewhat. You may want to think about storing your toothbrush elsewhere.


Now, don’t get me wrong, our mouths have plenty of germs on their own but it’s probably a good idea not to enter those types of germs into the equation.  Every time you put a toothbrush into your mouth, you are putting new germs onto your brush. If you don’t properly store it where it can thoroughly dry, those germs stay on there due to the fact that they thrive in a moist environment.  Of course, our bodies can combat germs, so usually this isn’t a problem. But we should still think about the bathroom and your brush because it’s easily something that can be changed and who wants toity germs in their mouths anyway?  Not moi.

What to do when you Brush Where you Flush? 

  • For one, close the lid when you flush.  This is just a good idea in general to help control the spread of nasty germs onto everything in your bathroom.

  • Secondly, if you can, store your toothbrush elsewhere other than out in the open on your sink. Maybe put it in a cabinet. If this isn’t something possible, make sure you thoroughly rinse your brush and that you at least store it upright so any moisture can wick away from your brush.  Try to not leave it lying down and don’t leave a cover on it so that it can’t dry.

  • Also, as a rule of thumb, try not to share your brush with anyone else.  This includes not setting your toothbrush in a cup next to the rest of the families.  It’s better to keep your germs to yourself, because, well, they are yours and your body knows what do to with them.  Problems usually only arise when foreign bacteria come in contact with you.

Hopefully these tidbits of information will help with keeping you and your family a little less germy and your toothbrush a little cleaner.

And, just like how you can bleach your toilet with cleaner to make it nice and sparkling white, you can also have sparkling white teeth by having our in-office whitening procedure done at Szmanda Dental Center.

Information compiled from WebMD and staff at Szmanda Dental Center © 2014