How to Help Prevent Decay in Adult Teeth

If you find that you are an adult that seems to be riddled with tooth decay every time you come in for your cleaning and check up, it’s time that you change some habits or start some new habits to help you fix that issue.

One major thing that causes decay in adult teeth is drinking sugar laden or acidic beverages. Yes, they are so good and sometimes you really need that can of Mountain Dew to perk you up. But, the sugar and acid from those drinks sit on your teeth and cause decay. If you feel the need to drink these kinds of things, and that includes coffee due to its acidity (coffee has a pH of 3.5, neutral is 7) it’s best to drink them quickly instead of sipping them so sugar and acid aren’t constantly coating your teeth over a long period of time. Other ways to help prevent decay:


Also, if you can, brush afterwards or swish with water or even drink milk. Milk is a great acid neutralizer. In general, if you can, just make better drink choices. Water can be boring, but once you start getting into the habit of drinking it, you will start to miss those sugary drinks less and less.

Another great option to help with decay in adult teeth is to rinse with fluoride. One fabulous product is ACT. They make several different types depending on your needs, but all contain fluoride. Rinse with ACT after you brush your teeth at the end of your day and let it soak in.

Of course, the best defense against cavities is to brush 2-3 times a day and floss at least once a day to stir up those germs in-between your teeth. That might not be enough depending on your genetics or how many sugary/acidic items you consume, so you may have to add some of the other tactics to help out.