How Often Should you Bleach your Teeth?

“Oh I love your coffee-stained teeth!” – said NO ONE EVER! Am-I-Bleaching-My-Teeth-Too-Often

Most people appreciate the appearance of nice bright white teeth, but knowing just how often you should you bleach your teeth is just as important. There are several options available to bleach your teeth that you can buy over the counter and most likely your dental office offers choices.  But, how often does one need to bleach their teeth?

Everyone has different habits that can stain your teeth.  Things like smoking, drinking soda, coffee or tea and certain foods we eat can stain our teeth.  It really depends on how much of these things that you do as to how much staining you may pick up.

As far as bleaching goes, depending on your habits, you may only need to do a touch up once or twice a year.  If you tend to drink a lot of tea or smoke, you may have more stain and will have to do it more often.  The ADA recommends to do it no more than once a month until you get to your optimum shade and then to just touch up one to two times a year.

Make sure that you talk to your dentist about it first if you are thinking of bleaching so that you know your options and that your teeth and gums are healthy enough to do it.  It can cause some sensitivity so follow the directions of the product you are using and hopefully, you will have a beautiful white smile to show off in no time at all.  Feel free to download our coupon to use our in-office teeth whitening!

Information compiled from the ADA and staff at Szmanda Dental 2014  photo credit: Jeremy Jenum via photopin cc