Does My Child Need to see a Pedodontist (Children’s Dentist)?

Does my child need to see a pedodontistSometimes people aren’t sure about where they should take their kids to the dentist. Do they want to bring them into their own dentist or do they take them to a pedodontist that specializes in children’s dentistry? Parents asking, “Does My Child Need to see a Pedodontist?” is a fairly common question.

Pediatricians may recommend taking your children to a pedodontist because they themselves are a Dr. specializing in children’s health so they think it may be best to have your children see a dentist that specializes in children’s dentistry. This is not necessarily the case.

General dentists can be just as capable of treating your children as pedodontists. A lot of parents prefer to take their children to the same family dentist that they go to because they are comfortable there and with the treatment they receive. Some parents don’t realize that the dental practice they go to will also see children and because their pediatrician recommended a pedodontist, that is what they choose to do.

At Szmanda Dental Center, we are happy to see you and your children as we pride ourselves in being an office for the whole family. We would first like you to bring your child in when you feel they are ready to tag along with mom or dad to one of your visits. We like for children to see what happens during a cleaning appointment and for them to ride up and down on the chair on their parent’s lap to make it fun. After a couple times of doing this, they are usually ready for a hygienist or dentist to take a peek in their mouth and they may even peek while your child is in your lap for a brief moment.

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Check in with your family dentist to find out when they feel your child is ready to come in for their first visit. If for some reason it doesn’t happen the first time they come in, try it again until they are comfortable with the goings-on of a dental office.  Most importantly, keep an eye on your children’s teeth for anything suspicious and you can do that by starting to brush their teeth as soon as they come in, which is anywhere from 4-10 months of age. Use a tiny amount of toothpaste and help them brush until they are about 6 or 7 years old so you know they are getting it done properly and learn how to do it correctly. This way you can see if anything looks funny or not right and can get it taken care of immediately.

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Written by staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2014