Does it Matter What Floss I Use?

Ok, so now that you are flossing daily (you are, right?) after all of that persuasion from your dental hygienist, you may be wondering “Does it Matter What Floss I Use?” or:


To be honest, as long as you are flossing correctly, it really doesn’t matter what type or what brand you are using. It really boils down to personal preference.

How-to-Properly-FlossIf your teeth have close contacts, meaning they are really tight to each other, you could try waxed floss.  If your contacts are super tight and you find that the floss shreds, you may want to try a product called Glide.  Other floss has many nylon fibers woven together that can tear where Glide is one piece.  It’s more expensive, but if you get frustrated with shredding, you may want to spend the extra money.

If you aren’t concerned about the type of material you are using, then you may just want to try different types until you find the one you like.  There are tons of different materials for flossing such as unwaxed floss or something like Dentotape, which is a little bit thicker.

If you don’t like floss, there are also picks and little brushes that can be used to clean out those areas that work pretty well. Another great option is a Waterpik. It’s an electronic device that shoots a stream of water in between your teeth to clean out the contacts. It’s a little bit messy and a little costly, but it works great and especially well for people with braces or periodontal pockets where conventional flossing is a bit tougher.

Regardless of your choice for cleaning in between your teeth, the most important thing is that you do it at least once a day to stir up the bacteria that’s there.  If you can, try to do it before you brush so those germs are brushed away. If you are in the habit of flossing after you brush, swish with water, or better yet, mouthwash. And, start training your kids to floss too so they have healthy habits right away!

If you have any questions about types of floss or how to floss correctly, be sure to talk to your dentist or hygienist at your next dental visit at Szmanda Dental Center!

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Information compiled from Staff at Szmanda Dental Center