Does an Apple a Day Really Keep the Dentist Away?

apple-smile-dentalHave you ever wondered why some dental office marketing will use many-a cheesy stock image of a model smiling with an apple by their mouth!?  Yah….I wondered too and asked the professionals here at Szmanda Dental “what’s with the apples?”.  Turns out apples are like nature’s toothbrush. They will never be a suitable replacement obviously, but when you think about it makes a lot of sense.

Let’s break it down:

• The texture mixed with it’s high fiber properties can scrub against your teeth to help remove stains and fight plaque.

• Apples are high in water content which helps dilute the sugar and stimulates the flow of saliva.

• They’re just plain good for you!

• That same acidity and fiber also helps to fight bad breath.


There are also some apple bashing articles out there.  And yes, it is important to realize that a lot of fruits do contain high levels of sugar and acidity which overtime erodes teeth.  But at the end of the day, we would never discourage you from eating them.  Just keep in mind after you snack on your favorite Granny Smith to rinse your mouth out with water to help flush away any food particles!  And remember an apple a day doesn’t really keep the dentist away – you still need to visit us every 6 months.  😉