Dental Opinions. Everybody Has One. How About a FREE One?

Second-OpinionAre you unsure of dental treatment you have been told that you need? If you aren’t confident in a diagnosis by your dentist, you have every right to seek other dental opinions.

Dentists have different opinions about dental treatment.  Some dentists feel that a broken or chipped tooth automatically means a crown is needed where others think that a filling will suffice and could hold up for several years before a crown is considered necessary.

Same thing goes with fillings.  There can be a small suspicious area that dentists will automatically plan a filling for where some dentists feel that a tooth could possibly remineralize and no filling is needed at that time.

Not everyone sees things the same way so it’s important to be as informed as you can about what your options are.  Don’t be afraid to seek another dentist’s advice especially if you are uncomfortable with treatment that your dental provider recommended.

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At Szmanda Dental Center, we see a lot of patients for second opinions and provide an honest no-charge evaluation.
  For example, if the best option is a crown, then that’s what we will suggest, especially if nothing else will work to repair the tooth. If there is something different that will get you by until a crown is definitely needed or if finances are a concern, we will have you make a mental note that a crown is in your future and will fix the tooth as best as we can for the time being to hopefully hold you over until you are prepared to go ahead with it.

You, as the patient, are our main concern, so whatever questions you have or if an additional opinion is needed, our dentists at Szmanda Dental Center will be happy to provide you with their best sincere professional advice.  Want a free second opinion – please call our office nearest you or request an appointment.