Dental Assistant vs Dental Hygienists

Dental Assistant vs Dental Hygienists — Do you ever wonder at your dental office, “Who is that person helping the dentist with all those crazy things he is asking for?” Or “What is the title of the person cleaning my teeth?”  Some people aren’t sure and often call us nurses.  Well, we aren’t nurses, we are hygienists and assistants that each have their own particular job duties at the dental office — which team are you on?!

Dental-Assistant-or-hygienistTeam Dental Hygienist?

Dental Hygienists are the people who take care of your preventive health needs which include cleanings, x-rays, oral hygiene instructions, and nutritional information.  If you are lucky, you only have to see them and a dentist for an exam every six months and won’t have to come back to visit the dentist and their assistant for treatment.

A Dental Hygienist has to go through a 2 year program which includes clinicals and a State Board exam to receive a license for Wisconsin.  It’s a tough program and exam so props off to those who make it through!  They work hard to make sure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and your dental needs are taken care of.

Team Denal Assistant?

Dental Assistants are those who help the doctors take care of their patients’ treatment. They make sure that you are comfortable while being treated and aid the doctor with whatever he/she needs while your treatment is being completed. They play a big role in the smooth running of the dental office, checking on others to help and making sure the dentist has what they require in order to attend to your dental needs.

In the state of Wisconsin, it is not mandatory that dental assistants obtain a certification.  There are programs available where a certification can be acquired, however a lot of assistants have learned on the job which is a valuable tool to actually gain hands on experience and knowledge.


Team-Szmanda-DentalSo, the next time you are at the dental office, you will know who is working on you and be sure to know that we are all here to make your dental experience as pleasant as it can be. Your dental health is our main priority and we want you to leave our office smiling!

The best part is that at Szmanda Dental Center – we are all on the same team!

Written by staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2014

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