How to Avoid Dental Scams

There is no question that trusting your dentist puts you in a very vulnerable state and we want to help you avoid dental scams.  The issues you acquire in your mouth, in addition to the treatment used to fix those problems, are areas of expertise you know nothing about as the patient.  That is a big part of our job, making sure we educate you on your dental needs and build a trust in us that you can rely on.  You need to remember that even though a practice may have all the required degrees and qualifications, it does not mean they are trustworthy.  We have seen time and time again unethical dental actions that have been taken elsewhere.  There is a solid percentage of new patients that come to Szmanda Dental because they were taken advantage of and need a 2nd opinion.  Let us clarify — we are not writing this blog to bad mouth these other dental offices, but instead help patients learn of how to be aware of these scams and hopefully save them time, money and discomfort.

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Why is my Dentist Referring Me to a Specialist?

Sometimes your dentist will refer you to have treatment completed and leave you questioning why exactly is my dentist referring me to a specialist? Well, a lot of patients are uncomfortable with having another Dr. work on their teeth that aren’t their regular dentist they know and have a rapport with. This is understandable, but there are reasons for referring certain procedures to a specialist.


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Dental Opinions. Everybody Has One. How About a FREE One?

Second-OpinionAre you unsure of dental treatment you have been told that you need? If you aren’t confident in a diagnosis by your dentist, you have every right to seek other dental opinions.

Dentists have different opinions about dental treatment.  Some dentists feel that a broken or chipped tooth automatically means a crown is needed where others think that a filling will suffice and could hold up for several years before a crown is considered necessary.

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What is With Those Pesky Wisdom Teeth?

Unfortunately, most of us will be getting wisdom teeth in our teens and early 20’s and about 95% of us will need them removed due to lack of space in our mouth. Usually they need to be removed because they are positioned incorrectly and cause problems within our jaws and push against other teeth.  A lot of the time they partially come in with just a portion poking through the gum tissue which can hold onto bacteria and cause an infection.

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How Radiation and Chemotherapy Affect Our Mouths

Most of us have known someone or heard of someone that has gone through treatment for cancer.  One thing that we may not think about is how radiation and chemotherapy affect our mouths.  Both treatments for cancer zone in on diseased cells but they also change normal cells which cause side effects.  They have similar oral effects and it’s best to know ahead of time that certain problems may occur and to be prepared as best you can.

How-Radiation-and_-Chemotherapy_-Affect-Our-MouthsChemotherapy when administered in high doses will affect 2/3’s of patients receiving it with side effects occurring in their mouths.  Low doses of chemotherapy will affect the mouths of approximately 1/3 of those receiving treatment 

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Adult Braces – What Are Your Options?

When you think about braces, you generally think about kids having to wear them.  But nowadays, you often see adult braces becoming just as popular!  According to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), adults make up 25% of orthodontic patients across the country.


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Dental Implants: What to Expect

What the heck are dental implants anyway? Dental implants are quickly becoming a popular choice today for replacing missing teeth. When a tooth has been removed, it of course leaves a space that may or may not need to be replaced with something. Sometimes this space does not bother people but it can be irritating to some. So, one of the options to replace that space can be an implant.
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