Penny and Sparrow

Penny-And-SparrowIt may feel a little disjointed that a Dental Office would be writing a blog post about a band — but that’s just how passionate we are about their music.  Penny and Sparrow consists of the dynamic duo of Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke.  Their musical roots started in Texas where they were once roommates and I’d like to think it’s then they both realized they loved PBR, making magic on the guitar and singing sweet sweet harmonies.

Their chill sound made it’s way up here to Wisconsin where we instantly fell in love with our ears.  We have since been playing their albums in every operatory making your dental experience even more enjoyable at Szmanda Dental.  When we heard that they would be performing a concert in Wisconsin, we jumped on the opportunity and some of our staff were able to get a front row seat to some of the best live music they have ever heard.  Penny and Sparrow

But wait, there’s more!

They’re nice guys too!!  They were beyond personable, funny — even go on tour with their adorable wives!  We are confident one day their music will be jamming on the radio and thought the least we could do is help them get even a little more exposure on their way. And in case our patients were ever wondering what that great song was playing while they were getting their teeth cleaned but were too shy to ask, well now you know!

Here’s a small clip of their music during the concert – please check the rest out on their website and purchase their music on iTunes.

Also — if Penny and Sparrow just so happen to read this, please put out an acoustic album of your music!  Oh..and come back to Wisconsin soon!

*drops the mic