What Lipstick Can do for Whitening Your Smile

If you’re anything like me — you want that BRIGHT white smile all of the time.  I mean who is to say when Mr. Right might be around the corner or you’ll run into an old friend that needs to be reminded of just how great you truly are?  I’m a firm believer in staying ready and looking extraordinary.  But when it comes to your smile, maybe you’re also like me and have a coffee addiction, or find yourself sipping on wine, tea or any of the other many culprits that triggers teeth staining.  What a drag!  You don’t want to whiten your teeth too often,  but as a woman we have the miracle that is makeup!  HALLELU’!  Did you know that different shades of lipstick can actually affect how white your teeth look?  It’s no accident that the striking lady in the toothpaste commercial is sporting that bright red lipstick.  Maybe it’s Maybelline…but maybe it’s the science of color!  Check out the proof right here of what lipstick can do for whitening your smile:

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Does an Apple a Day Really Keep the Dentist Away?

apple-smile-dentalHave you ever wondered why some dental office marketing will use many-a cheesy stock image of a model smiling with an apple by their mouth!?  Yah….I wondered too and asked the professionals here at Szmanda Dental “what’s with the apples?”.  Turns out apples are like nature’s toothbrush. They will never be a suitable replacement obviously, but when you think about it makes a lot of sense.

Let’s break it down:

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Social Media in the Dental Office

Social-Media-DentalAt this point it’s probably safe to say the majority of us have some form of social media flowing in our lives, if not have multiple accounts we can check by a press of a button.  We’re living in the age of the NOW where we can even ask our phones a question and *blink* there’s the answer!  I’m willing to even bet your grandma has a Facebook account #WoahNana!

It’s no surprise that technology gets more advanced year after year and in the dental world we have embraced it!  It has helped us connect with our patients on a more personal level and express who we are more effectively to prospective patients.  Word of mouth is by far the #1 reason why people choose us and then straight to the Google machine they go to learn more!  Social media has helped us get honest feedback with reviews and even schedule you more conveniently.  When you consider that one day in time people thought the only cure for a toothache was to kiss a donkey, I’d say we’ve come a long ways!  There are still some practices that don’t make social media in the dental office a priority and we think that’s bologna!


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DON’T Brush After Eating Sour Candy You Say?

Not brushing teeth

‘Scuse me WHAT?!   A dental office is not only talking about eating candy but also not brushing your teeth?  How is this real life?

Let’s clarify — ‘cuz you know we have your best interest at heart here.  When you eat sour candy, sports drinks, soda or anything with a higher acidity you put your lil chompers in a soft spot.  This acidity literally softens the enamel on your teeth and if you were to brush your teeth right away after eating you would brush away parts of that enamel coating your teeth.  The scary part about that is that enamel does NOT magically grow back, I repeat, does not grow back.  So you want to take precautions to keep that coating as it protects the inner parts of the tooth.  We got the 411 for those seldom times you do have sour candy or DO the Dew — so pay attention!

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Are There Any Bad Side Effects Of Whitening Toothpaste?

We’ve had patients ask us about whitening toothpaste and if there are any harmful side effects.  The quick answer is no – however, you may experience sensitivity which would qualify as a “bad side effect” and this will vary from person to person.

Side-Effects-Whitening-ToothpasteThe sensitivity will depend on how much enamel you have on your teeth.  As your enamel wears away on your teeth, the layer below will obviously become more unveiled.  This layer is called dentine which also acts as a helpful little shield from the nerve in each tooth.  Since we live in Wisconsin – let’s compare these layers to CHEESEContinue Reading…

What Makes a Great Dentist – The 4 Top Qualities

You make decisions every day. From the simple, what clothes to wear, what to make for dinner, all the way to life decisions that effect the rest of your life. We’d like to think choosing your dentist falls into an important category! Taking your health seriously is something we take serious *insert serious face here*. We’ve already helped you determine The 7 Tips When Choosing Dentist – which will help give you the tools to find the best fit for YOU. But what exactly makes a GREAT dentist? Sure location and insurance can help steer your initial decision, but having a great dentist isn’t as common as you’d think. We have asked around and think these 4 qualities.


1. Listens To the Patient

This is #1 for a reason. Every patient’s mouth is unique and every issue and case within it is different. A great dentist will take the time to hear your concerns, read your chart carefully and strategize the best treatment for you.

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Why Does Dental Work Cost So Much?

So we get asked this all the time and I’m sure at one time or the other YOU have wondered yourself – “Why does dental work cost so much?”.  Sadly, this is not a simple question we can answer quickly, but we think if you hear us out you will better understand why the price tags aren’t “cheap” and even ways you can help reduce your cost.

First off,3009783b57ce53d7a264d7aa783cc459 let’s break down the word ‘DENTIST’.  You are paying for a service from an expert in the field: a Doctor, an Engineer and an Artist in their craft.  Someone who went to extensive schooling to know all about your mouth.  According to the American Dental Education Association, the average dental student graduates with upwards of $241,000 of student loan debt!  And in many cases, such as this, when choosing your dentist you get what you pay for.

It costs A LOT to run a dental practice. A large portion, if not most, of what a patient pays goes toward the expense of running a modern dental practice. Dentists pay for rent or mortgage payments on their office space (we have multiple locations) payroll for staff, health insurance, taxes, supplies, equipment, business insurance, marketing, not to mention trying to grow the practice.

Everything is hand-made.  If you think about the work you get done to your mouth – crowns, fillings, dentures, braces, implants etc.  They are all hand-made and custom to each patient.  This kind of attention to detail and unique work requires more time.  And time is money. Continue Reading…

Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get Those….Dimples?

I love it when you smile. Those dimples are so darn cute! What causes those puckers in your face anyway?


Most often we see dimples on people’s faces, usually in the cheeks but also in the chin. Dimples can be genetic. My dad has them, so does my brother. They are already developing while you are a bun in the oven of life. But, did you know that those cute little buggers are actually a deformity?

Dimples are caused by a deficiency in the length of the muscle and connective tissue. They are found on other parts of the body but are most noticeable in the face. Chin dimples are usually always there due to the connective tissue pulling the skin towards the chin. Dimples in the cheeks usually only show up when we smile due to how the muscles work and a shortened cheek muscle. We also have a little bit more chubbiness to our cheeks, which hides dimples until we grin. If we lose a little weight in our face, we may lose those dimples all together because the muscle will pull longer when we smile and there is less fat to enhance them.

Even if dimples are a deformity, we love them and we especially love to see people smile. So show off those little cheek divots as much as you can and share your smile with us at Szmanda Dental Center!

Information compiled from Wikipedia, io9.com, genetics.com and staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2015

Wide Open Spaces: Diastema

937762848I’m sure in your life either when talking to someone or just watching celebrities on TV you have noticed a gap between their front teeth. Think about personalities like Michael Strahan, Madonna and Woody Harrelson. And don’t forget Sponge Bob! That space is called a diastema.

A diastema doesn’t necessarily have to be between the front teeth, it could be anywhere in the mouth, although it is most common to occur within the front teeth. It can be caused by several different things like misaligning jaw development, the way tissue attaches and tongue thrusting.

Some people don’t mind that they have a space in their teeth while others are bothered by it. Thankfully, it can be easily corrected with orthodontic treatment. There is a strong chance that it may relapse and come back again after braces are removed, so it’s best if you go through orthodontic treatment to correct it that you get a fixed retainer placed on the back side of your teeth to hold them in place.

If you have any questions about spacing within your own teeth or you children’s teeth, don’t hesitate to ask at your next dental appointment at Szmanda Dental Center.

Compiled from information from Wikipedia and staff at Szmanda Dental Center 2015

Oral Piercing — How it Affects Your Mouth


In today’s society, we see a lot of body art being displayed on people’s faces. We often see eyebrow rings, nose rings, and cheek piercings. As dental professionals at Szmanda Dental Center, we are more concerned with the piercing site of the area around the lips, the lips themselves and the tongue.

Obviously, this is not just a fad, as it has been around for a long time. We want to discourage people from doing it; we want them to be aware from our standpoint, what can happen to their oral health as a side effect from this fashion and realize piercings around and in the oral cavity is a bad idea.

One of the main things Szmanda Dental worries about when we see a tongue ring is chipped teeth. According to WebMD, 47% of people wearing tongue jewelry for 4 or more years have at least one chipped tooth. This tends to happen due to continuous abrasion of the metal or plastic from the tongue ring on enamel causing small fractures. These chips that occur can of course be fixed with fillings, but continuing to wear a tongue ring will most likely break out the filling if could break the enamel to start with. If this happens, most likely a crown will have to be placed, which can be a costly fix.

Not only are dental professionals concerned about this, but some piercing facilities also have a growing concern. A local tattoo and piercing shop, Expressions Ink, has in fact stopped piercing the tongue altogether due to the amount of chipped teeth they were seeing.

Other than cracked or chipped teeth, in accordance to the American Dental Association (ADA), here are other effects to consider prior to piercing your tongue:

  • Excessive drooling due to increased saliva production
  • Infection, swelling and pain
  • Damage to fillings
  • Scar tissue
  • Nerve damage (loss of taste and movement)
  • Hypersensitivity to metals
  • Injuries to gum tissue

One of the above listed items is infection. Remember, the mouth is host to huge amounts of bacteria. It literally is the dirtiest place on the body. Because of this, an oral piercing has the potential of causing heart problems. The ADA warns that oral piercing carries the risk of endocarditis, which is an inflammation of the heart valves or tissues. Bacteria can travel through the bloodstream from the piercing site to the heart where it can establish a colony on heart abnormalities.

Another popular piercing on the face is the lip area. Although the actual piercing site heals fast, you have to be careful while healing takes place due to the risk of infection from anything such as food or liquids that come into contact with the area.

Szmanda Dental Center’s concern with a lip piercing is the wear that it can cause on gum tissue. Constant friction with the lip ring causes abrasion of the gum tissue and eventually wears it away. Once its gone, there’s no going back easily. The only way to fix this is to have gum grafts done, which can add up financially.

When gum tissue is worn away, this exposes areas of the teeth that aren’t normally exposed causing sensitivity and also can cause the tooth to loosen due to poor support of surrounding tissue.

Piercingschaden-FrontzahnAnd just like tongue piercing, lip rings can chip teeth and also cause nerve damage to the tooth or the lip.

If you choose to have a facial piercing, please be sure to discuss concerns with the piercing facility you plan on having the procedure done at. Discuss sterility, check on health certificates and licenses, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any professional should be happy and willing to address your concerns.

Please also feel free to ask any questions at Szmanda Dental Center and we will do our best to address them.