Broken Tooth? Now What?!

Request an AppointmentUsually when you have a broken tooth, it’s important to get in to see a dentist pretty quick.  If it’s not painful, you probably have a little time to wait, but you should get it fixed sooner rather than later to ensure that more of the tooth does not break off and could possibly cause the tooth to be unsalvageable.  At Szmanda Dental, we pride ourselves in getting patients in the same day they call with a problem to get it attended to – if you’re reading this now and need to be seen, request an appointment right now. 

As a general rule at our office, in order to suggest a crown (cap) a tooth needs to be broken to the point where if it breaks again, the prognosis may not be the greatest.  If it’s a cusp, it can probably be replaced with a filling, but if it breaks again, then a crown will probably be suggested.

dumbanddumber-carrey-limo-tsrOf course, if it’s a front tooth, (most people don’t want to walk around like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber), our dentists will do their best to make sure you leave our office with a fixed smile.