Affordable Dentures: Is Cheaper Better?

You may have seen or heard commercials for dental offices that make dentures quickly and cheaply and promise an easy fix to affordable dentures. These places, however, are not always the best for quality as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.

Affordable-DenturesDentures that are done right and correctly can cost several thousand dollars for uppers and lowers and that is why it’s important for all of the steps that it takes to make a good fitting denture. Generally, it takes several appointments of impressions and several weeks of time for dentures to be made correctly.

There is a lot of lab time spent making dentures and to fit them appropriately.   You also may need to come back in several times after receiving your dentures for adjustments. And remember, if you lose weight or gain weight, your dentures may fit differently and may need to be adjusted.

If you are low on funds and find yourself needing dentures, talk to your dental office to see if they offer payment plans. Most do or they may offer an outside credit company with low annual percentage rates.  Because with such a commitment, it is worth getting well-made dentures rather than just affordable dentures that are poorly made.