7 Tips When Choosing a Dentist

It can be a really hard decision when it comes down to it but here are a few tips when choosing a dentist:

1. ADA Member

 adaA dentist that is a member of the ADA has access to all the latest technology that is backed by scientific research. As a member of the ADA, dentists take an oath to abide by the ADA Bylaws and Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct. Also, dentists who are members have a voice in legislative decisions about oral health care.


2. Insurance

If you have dental insurance, you can find a list provided through your insurance as to what dentists are members of your plan. Obviously you want to take advantage of any dental insurance that you have, so if you aren’t sure if an office you want to go to accepts your insurance or not, just call that dental office. They can give you a quick answer.  You can see a list of our accepted insurance policies here.

3. Reviews

A great place to check reviews when looking for a dental office is Angie’s List. It costs money to be a member and it also costs money to check reviews, but you can then feel safe that you are getting legitimate information. Angie’s List allows people to give businesses a letter grade in 8 categories. Other reviews to look for are Google + reviews or even check if the dental office itself uses a program like Demandforce in which patients can leave their feedback about their dental experience at that particular office.

4. Office Hours

Of course the hours that the dental office operates is important if you have a specified schedule. Look for extended hours if needed or availability over the lunch hour or maybe even Saturday hours.

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5. Cleanliness

One major element is to take a look around at the dental office to make sure that it’s clean. Obviously clean instruments and equipment are a huge part of it, but also just look around in the waiting area, check the counters, chairs and floors in the treatment rooms and so forth. If you want, ask for a tour of their facility and make sure you see the sterilization area. That should also be organized.


6. Location

Is the dental office near where you are going to be when you can get away for an appointment? A lot of patients like to have a dental office near their work so they can get away during the day for their appointment and easily get back to work. Maybe something closer to home works out better for you if you like appointments on your way to work or on your way home. Location is probably one of the most important things in looking for a dentist, but if the other things mentioned aren’t up to your satisfaction, you may be more willing to drive further for an office that better meets your needs.


7. Friends, Co-workers, Family

Nothing beats the advice of people you know. Obviously those who care about you are going to be honest about a dentist that they like or don’t like and it’s a great way to find a great dentist since they know first hand from their own experiences at that office.

Szmanda Dental Center ranks high in ALL these categories and we would love to be your dental healthcare provider. Give us a call if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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