Why Does My Nose Itch at the Dentist?

Do you ever ask yourself: Why does my nose itch at the dentist? or Why do I need to swallow so much while I’m getting my teeth cleaned?  Believe us — you’re not alone!


For some reason, patients get that itchy nose syndrome when they are in the dental chair. We think it’s mainly a psychological thing because when you aren’t able to do something, your brain wants to do it even more. There is also a lot of movement happening near your nose too, so that could give you the itchy scratchies. Don’t feel that you can’t itch your nose while you are having dental treatment done. As long as the drill isn’t going, feel free. Continue Reading…

What Up Inflamed Taste Bud

Inflamed-Taste-BudDid you ever experience a painful pimple-like bump on your tongue? Fear not bumpy tongue victim! You are not alone. It’s a pretty common occurrence.

Typically people have 2,000-8,000 taste buds in their mouths and with that many, it’s bound to happen for one or two to get unruly and become an inflamed taste bud. Obviously taste buds are made for tasting with the buds on the tip of our tongue being able to palate sweet, towards the back is bitter, the sides, salty and lateral is sour. Continue Reading…

Mouth Breathing and Dental Health

You may not think a lot about how you are breathing, but how you intake air can affect things in a negative way, specifically if you mainly breathe through your mouth. Mouth breathing and dental health definitely go hand in hand.  Quite of few of us experience allergies, especially here in Wisconsin, and that tends to plug us up as if we have a cold leading to breathing through the mouth. Many people also have obstructed nasal passages (me included) from a deviated septum or other reasons and we tend to favor breathing through our mouths just for the fact that we get more air ingestion that way. If you are a mouth breather, and you probably know it if you are, it’s not a good thing for a number of reasons, a lot of them being dental related.


Continue Reading…

Why Do I Have to Wait at The Dentist?

why-do-i-have-to-wait-at-the-dentistWhy do I have to wait in my doctor’s waiting room past my appointment time? Why are they running behind? I think they forgot about me…. Let’s face it, we all hate waiting for things, especially for an appointment that we may not really want to be at anyway. Why do doctors run behind?

Being a dental assistant, I see what goes on behind the scenes of a dental office and circumstances that cause us to run late. I think it’s good for a patient to know that we aren’t keeping them waiting on purpose. It’s as frustrating to us as it is to them and we’d like to take a moment to maybe get a little understanding as to why this happens. Continue Reading…

Is a Trip to the Dentist Painful?

indexLet’s face it, going to the dentist typically rates a “nuh-uh” on people’s fun-o-meter. Not to mention the apprehension you have before you even get to the office which doubles while you are sitting in the waiting room reading a magazine playing it cool. Where does this fear come from and do we automatically assume that a dental appointment is going to be painful?

Obviously when some of us older folk went to the dentist as kids, it was quite a traumatic experience as compared to what it is now. No anesthetic or not enough, having the dentist yell at you to be quiet while he’s drilling into your un-numb tooth, watching the smoke come from the drill……we could go on and on. As you can imagine, that could put some fear into the hearts of people, even though they know it’s not like that anymore. One bad experience can create a lifetime of fear. Continue Reading…

7 Reasons You Should Stop Smoking NOW!

You-Should-Stop-Smoking-NowThere are so many right times in your life to quit smoking. We know, we know, it’s hard, it’s an addiction and you’ve tried before. It boils down to how much you want it, will power, and how much you care about your health and the health of those around you, especially if you have kids. Continue Reading…

Penny and Sparrow

Penny-And-SparrowIt may feel a little disjointed that a Dental Office would be writing a blog post about a band — but that’s just how passionate we are about their music.  Penny and Sparrow consists of the dynamic duo of Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke.  Their musical roots started in Texas where they were once roommates and I’d like to think it’s then they both realized they loved PBR, making magic on the guitar and singing sweet sweet harmonies.

Their chill sound made it’s way up here to Wisconsin where we instantly fell in love with our ears.  We have since been playing their albums in every operatory making your dental experience even more enjoyable at Szmanda Dental.  When we heard that they would be performing a concert in Wisconsin, we jumped on the opportunity and some of our staff were able to get a front row seat to some of the best live music they have ever heard.  Penny and Sparrow

But wait, there’s more!

They’re nice guys too!!  They were beyond personable, funny — even go on tour with their adorable wives!  We are confident one day their music will be jamming on the radio and thought the least we could do is help them get even a little more exposure on their way. And in case our patients were ever wondering what that great song was playing while they were getting their teeth cleaned but were too shy to ask, well now you know!

Here’s a small clip of their music during the concert – please check the rest out on their website and purchase their music on iTunes.

Also — if Penny and Sparrow just so happen to read this, please put out an acoustic album of your music!  Oh..and come back to Wisconsin soon!

*drops the mic