Dental Opinions. Everybody Has One. How About a FREE One?

Second-OpinionAre you unsure of dental treatment you have been told that you need? If you aren’t confident in a diagnosis by your dentist, you have every right to seek other dental opinions.

Dentists have different opinions about dental treatment.  Some dentists feel that a broken or chipped tooth automatically means a crown is needed where others think that a filling will suffice and could hold up for several years before a crown is considered necessary.

Same thing goes with fillings.  There can be a small suspicious area that dentists will automatically plan a filling for where some dentists feel that a tooth could possibly remineralize and no filling is needed at that time. Continue Reading…

Broken Tooth? Now What?!

Request an AppointmentUsually when you have a broken tooth, it’s important to get in to see a dentist pretty quick.  If it’s not painful, you probably have a little time to wait, but you should get it fixed sooner rather than later to ensure that more of the tooth does not break off and could possibly cause the tooth to be unsalvageable.  At Szmanda Dental, we pride ourselves in getting patients in the same day they call with a problem to get it attended to – if you’re reading this now and need to be seen, request an appointment right now. 

As a general rule at our office, in order to suggest a crown (cap) a tooth needs to be broken to the point where if it breaks again, the prognosis may not be the greatest.  If it’s a cusp, it can probably be replaced with a filling, but if it breaks again, then a crown will probably be suggested.

dumbanddumber-carrey-limo-tsrOf course, if it’s a front tooth, (most people don’t want to walk around like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber), our dentists will do their best to make sure you leave our office with a fixed smile.


4 Green Tea Benefits on Your Teeth and Gums

Green-Tea-Effects-on-GumsGreen tea has been promoted as a healthy drink which is probably no surprise to some.  It has been used for health benefits for thousands of years in China and Japan to support healing.

What is it that gives green tea benefits on your teeth and gums?

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Recycling for the Bathroom (and the Future!)

Recycling for the Bathroom:

Remember-To-RecycleAfter you’re done with the roll of toilet paper, do you often throw the cardboard roll in the garbage?  When you crack open a new box filled with deodorant, do you toss out the cardboard box? After your face cleanser runs out, do you chuck the bottle?  Some people may not even think about it because their recycling containers are located elsewhere and the garbage is right there, but these things are recyclable.

Pretty much all of the following containers and plastic bottles you would find in a bathroom are recyclable:

  • shampoo/conditioner bottles
  • face cleanser, body wash
  • lotion
  • body oil
  • baby powder
  • tums
  • antihistamines
  • even the caps to these items can be put into recycling

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ADA’s New Recommendations on Childrens Fluoride Intake

adaThere is a new study put forth by the American Dental Association (ADA) with new recommendations on childrens fluoride and when we should start using it.  It was suggested previously that when baby teeth started erupting, it was best to just brush them with water until the age of 2 and to start with a pea size amount of fluoridated toothpaste from 2-6 for ingestion purposes.  It is now recommended that the earlier we start our children on fluoride, the better it will work by significantly preventing decay. About 25% of children have cavities prior to attending kindergarten so it is now recommended that kids under 3 should have a rice size amount of fluoridated toothpaste or a “smear.”   Kids 3-6 should have the pea size amount until they can learn to completely spit it out.

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What is With Those Pesky Wisdom Teeth?

Unfortunately, most of us will be getting wisdom teeth in our teens and early 20’s and about 95% of us will need them removed due to lack of space in our mouth. Usually they need to be removed because they are positioned incorrectly and cause problems within our jaws and push against other teeth.  A lot of the time they partially come in with just a portion poking through the gum tissue which can hold onto bacteria and cause an infection.

Pesky-Wisdom-TeethCan we hold onto our wisdom teeth?  Continue Reading…

To Kiss or Not to Kiss Your Pooch

If you are like me and love your puppies to pieces, you probably have shared kisses with them.  Is it safe to be swapping spit with your dog or should you not kiss your pooch?


There is a myth floating around that dogs mouths are cleaner than humans mouths. That is obviously not true. Think about what your dog plants his/her face into outside or eats when you aren’t looking, or the lovely butt sniffing greeting given to the neighbor’s dog.  Man and man’s best friend both have lots of germs and bacteria in their mouths.  There are so many that it’s equal to the earth’s population.  Continue Reading…

Missing a Tooth? How a Bridge Could Be The Answer!

Are you missing a tooth that you would like to have replaced? Sometimes people get along just fine with a missing tooth but it can be very bothersome to others. It really depends on where it is in the mouth and how much you use it.

Dental-Bridges-Missing-TeethA missing tooth can easily be replaced with something called a bridge. A bridge is similar to a crown where it encases both teeth surrounding the missing tooth with a crown or “cap” as some call it.  Those crowns are then attached with a false tooth in-between them thusly “bridging” the gap. The bridge is permanently cemented to your teeth.

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Does Crest 3D White Have You Brushing with Plastic?

see a consumers facebook post:Crest-Facebook-PostJust as recent as last month, Facebook posts began appearing like the one above warning consumers away from Crest3D White and other brands of toothpaste that are resulting in plastic embedded in their gums have really peaked our attention.  It leads us to ask the question: Does Crest 3D White Have You Brushing with Plastic?

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How Often Should you Bleach your Teeth?

“Oh I love your coffee-stained teeth!” – said NO ONE EVER! Am-I-Bleaching-My-Teeth-Too-Often

Most people appreciate the appearance of nice bright white teeth, but knowing just how often you should you bleach your teeth is just as important. There are several options available to bleach your teeth that you can buy over the counter and most likely your dental office offers choices.  But, how often does one need to bleach their teeth?

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