The Showdown: Male Teeth Vs. Female Teeth

Okay, okay.  We already know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus but what about male teeth Vs. female teeth?  Of course, there are lots of differences between us that will reiterate that statement, but, from a dental standpoint, are our teeth so different from one another that they too are from an alien planet?

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7 Tricks to Stop Bad Snacking and Sipping

Snacking and sipping are starting to cause a stir in dentistry.  Because more and more people are in front of a computer all day, they tend to sip on a beverage for a longer period of time than someone who is drinking something to satisfy a thirst.  And, there is that pesky office candy bowl in the next cubicle or the homemade goodies someone left in the break room that everyone likes to grab from here and there throughout the day.  Because of these increased behaviors, there seems to be a link between them and tooth decay and we want to help you and give you some tricks to stop bad snacking and drinking.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), Americans are consuming foods and drinks high in sugar and starches more often and in larger amounts than ever before.  Continually eating sugary foods throughout the day or sipping on sugary drinks have a hazardous effect on teeth.  After eating or drinking, any sugar left on teeth creates a breeding ground for bacteria.  When bacteria feeds on sugar, acid is produced which can then cause tooth enamel to be eaten away paving the way for a cavity.  Here are 7 tricks to help you day to day!
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Childrens Dentistry: 6 Recommendations You Should Know

Parents sometimes feel that because their children have “baby” teeth that will eventually fall out, there is no need to fix a problem that may arise with those teeth.  The truth is that baby teeth or deciduous/primary teeth are very important.  Along with obvious reasons like chewing and talking, primary teeth also help to keep space in your child’s mouth so adult teeth that are forming under the gum tissue can erupt (teeth coming into the mouth).


If a baby tooth is missing earlier than it should be due to decay and subsequent removal, there could be an issue for the permanent tooth to erupt because drifting or tilting of the surrounding teeth can occur.  This can affect proper alignment of permanent teeth and can be costly to fix down the road with orthodontia (braces).

If a baby tooth has a cavity, it is important to have the cavity removed and a filling placed even though the baby tooth will eventually fall out.  If a primary tooth has a cavity, it can cause the permanent tooth growing underneath to become misshapen and discolored. 1

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Brush Your Pets Teeth

Do you think you really need to brush your pets teeth?  February is National Pet Dental Month and if you’ve never wondered this before it’s time to start!   The answer varies depending on your pet and breed, but, in most cases, the answer is yes.


One of the main indicators of your pet needing oral care is bad breath.  Many people may think that all pet breath is bad, but when you are a pet owner, you notice when there is a distinct change in your pet’s breath.  Bad breath stems from food particles that get trapped within the gum tissue or sit along the animal’s teeth.  Bacteria thrive on this debris and that is where bad breath begins.   Us humans, of course, can easily brush and floss food debris away, but when we aren’t providing any type of oral health care for our pets, this can cause problems, and not just bad breath.
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