10 Motivational Tips That Actually Work

As we creep further and further into the year: Are you staying true to your new years resolutions or have you found yourself starting to slip?  Whether you decided to quit smoking, start flossing, drop some pounds or start to eat healthier – we have some motivational tips that actually work!


1. Have Realistic Goals

Sometimes when you start a new plan of attack, it’s easy to go overboard and try to change a bazillion things at once.  Don’t go crazy with your expectations.  Make sure to keep them attainable.

2. Write Those Goals Down

Writing things down helps solidify the idea in your head.  It also helps give you a physical point of reference to remind yourself of what you are working so hard for.

3. Get Advice from a Doctor

Depending on your goals – a lot of times a doctor can give you knowledgable and accurate advice catered just for YOU!

4. Surround Yourself with Positivity

This is great life advice in general, but especially when you are vulnerable and trying your best to achieve a goal.  Being around positive people that push you to succeed is a great way to keep you moving in the right direction.

5. Drink H20

Water is drastically underrated and the more you drink the more you are fueling your body!  Now go fill your glass.

Motivation-Tips6. Find a Buddy

Whether you have someone who can help keep you accountable, work along side of you or just to motivate you along the way – sharing the experience with a friend can help make any experience more enjoyable.

7. Use Pinterest

Just like with writing your goals down, having a visual can become very motivating.  You can create a Pinterest board dedicated strictly to your goal including helpful tips and inspiring imagery.  Check our page out!

8. Track Your Progress

There’s nothing like working hard at something and slowly starting to see results!  Be sure to document those milestones and celebrate your hard work.

9. Go to Bed Earlier and Wake Up Earlier

This may be easier said than done as I’m sure you have a hectic life schedule – but maintaining a healthy sleep pattern is important and you’d be surprise how quickly your body can adapt to new healthy routines.

10. Put Down Your Phone

This may seem hard – but it’s easy to lose focus in that small electronic device.  Be sure to take some time away from the social media once in awhile to focus on just how fabulous you truly are.  Embrace others around you and use this time to help you achieve tips 1-9.

Good luck and keep up the good work!